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Join us in a conversation on why regional integration matters for Africa

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The floor is yours

The World Bank Group gives you the opportunity to share your views and experience on Regional Integration in Africa. This week: What are the benefits of regional integration in Africa from where you live and work?

The World Bank Group has been a long-standing supporter of Africa on regional integration.  Our current lending commitments for regional integration are over $10 billion, and we expect to scale-up this financial support during the coming years.  We are proud of what Africa has achieved through our support, but there is much unfinished business.  And we are keen to hear from you on what we can do to support African countries over the coming years.  Your views and feedback will inform the new Regional Integration Strategy that the World Bank Group is preparing.

We would like to engage in a conversation with you over the coming three weeks on regional integration in Sub-Saharan Africa. During the first week, we would like to focus on what do you see are the benefits of regional integration in Africa from where you live and work.  In the second week, we would turn the conversation to how is Africa doing on regional integration.  In the third and final week, we would like to hear from you on what governments, private sector and development partners can do to deepen integration.


What are the benefits of regional integration in Africa from where you live and work? Background:  What is regional integration?  Since independence, African countries and its leaders have laid out ambitious plans for integration.  Most recently, the African Union’s Vision 2063 lays out an aspiration for an ‘integrated continent with free movement of people, goods, capital, services and infrastructure’. Go to the survey.

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