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Romania: Systematic Country Diagnostic Consultations

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To guide our support to Romania's development and growth agenda, we would like to hear your views. Through this online discussion, and face-to-face discussions in several cities across Romania, we are reaching out to the public, alongside academic communities, private sector actors, local and national public authorities and civil society representatives, seeking opinions on how best the World Bank Group can help Romania fully unlock its economic potential and meet its development challenges.

The World Bank Group is preparing a Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) for Romania. The SCD is a document that provides the analytical framework to the World Bank Group’s strategic engagement in Romania and looks at a range of issues affecting economic growth, whilst seeking to identify barriers to and opportunities for poverty reduction and shared prosperity.

SHARE YOUR VIEWS – Let us know what you think by sending your comments to Victor Neagu, Communications Officer for Romania, at the following email address ( or by sharing your thoughts on our World Bank Romania Facebook page.

The online consultation period is open from Wednesday, October 18, 2017, to Thursday, November 30, 2017.

Here are some ideas you could think about:

1) What are the barriers to stronger private sector activity in Romania? How can Romanian companies become more innovative and more productive? How can Romania enhance the quality and quantity of its labor force and capital?

2) What are the most effective ways for Romania to ensure sustainable progress on its social and environmental challenges? How can Romania address its early school leaving and increase the quality of its education services? What is needed to better address the country’s environmental challenges and improve natural resource use? What are the main problems that need to be tackled to reduce poverty and create opportunities for all Romanians?

3) What is needed to enhance the quality of institutional performance in Romania and the continuity of policy commitments? How can public spending achieve better results in health and education sectors? What are the institutional constraints to enhancing public investments in Romania? How can citizens’ trust in the state and public institutions be strengthened?

Consultation Phase:
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