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Consultations for Country Partnership Framework in Iraq (2018-2023)

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#IraqConsultations: Share your Views to Help Rebuild Your Country

The World Bank is interested in hearing your opinion on its strategy for engagement in Iraq. As we prepare a Country Partnership Framework for the period FY18–FY23, we would like to hear your views on the priorities for development and how the World Bank can play a better role in helping the country to rebuild.

The Country Partnership Framework (CPF) is a partnership plan and the main tool guiding the WBG's support for Iraq’s development program. It starts from the country's own development goals, and it is built around widespread consultations and engagement with all stakeholders in society, from civil society organizations to individuals in local communities.

We invite you to take part in these consultations via face-to-face meetings and take our online surveys. You can also email for further information.


More than 11 million Iraqis are currently considered to need some form of humanitarian assistance. Agricultural production has declined by 40%, undermining the country’s food sufficiency. Because of this dire situation, we would like to focus on opportunities for the World Bank to support the country.

This consultations and engagement process we are launching includes both face-to-face meetings and surveys online and on social media to enable participation by a wide range of people.

Focus Areas and Objectives

Focus area 1: Institutional Strengthening and Efficiency through Improved Governance and Economic Stabilization

  • 1a: Improve public financial management, public investment management, and procurement management
  • 1b: Strengthen government wage expenditure controls
  • 1c:  Improve National Payment System and help implement anti-money laundering laws
  • 1d: Support improved efficiency and transparency of the energy sector
  • 1e: Strengthen institutional framework for private sector development

Focus area 2: Delivery of Services through Social Protection, Reconstruction, and Economic Recovery

  • 2a: Improve social protection systems
  • 2b: Support in the recovery, reconstruction and restoration of services in poor and conflict-affected areas
  • 2c: Improve the quality and efficiency of public infrastructure service delivery at the subnational level
  • 2d: Improve the quality of health and education in Iraq
Consultation Phase:

To participate in the consultation survey on our Facebook page, please use this link.

Consultation Phase:
September 16, 2017 to September 20, 2017
  • September 16, 2017 to September 20, 2017

Consultations will be conducted on September 16-20, 2017. See the agenda on the right navigation of this page or click here to see the full schedule.

City Country Date Meeting Details

Baghdad Iraq September 18, 2017 Consultations with Members of the Civil Society/NGOs
Baghdad Iraq September 17, 2017 Consultations with the Ministries
Baghdad Iraq September 16, 2017 Consultations with the Prime Minister’s Office
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