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The 2019 World Development Report (WDR) will look at the changing landscape of work and explore the implications for future labor markets. Increasing automation, the rise of the gig economy, and shifts in global trade and investment, as well as demographic change and urbanization, are all shaping demand and supply for different skillsets. The Report will analyze the impact of these forces, showcase data on returns to experience, and consider how individuals, companies and governments can respond. Consultations will open in February 2018 upon release of the briefing materials. More information will be posted on the Consultation Hub in the coming weeks.

Consultations for Ecuador Country Partnership Framework (CPF) 2019 -2023

The World Bank Group (WBG) is currently preparing the new Country Partnership Framework (CPF) for Ecuador

The Ecuador CPF will guide the WBG’s support program for 2019-2023 and gauge its effectiveness in terms of poverty reduction and boosting shared prosperity.

Based on the WBG Systematic Country Diagnostic (link), the CPF will propose a selective but flexible program of interventions around the main country development objectives that the WBG aims to support. Such support will be prioritized based on present challenges and the WBG’s comparative advantage. To this end, the WBG will work closely with the Government of Ecuador.

The preparation of the CPF includes consultations with a variety of stakeholders, including, the public sector, academy, international organizations, development partners and civil society, in addition to representatives from the private sector. During these consultations, participants will exchange views on the country’s development needs and opportunities and the WBG can play in this context.

The Consultations Process

Consultations include face-to-face meetings in Quito and Guayaquil, that will take place on November 13th and 14th, 2018 respectively and online consultations that will start on November 12th , 2018 and will run through December 12th , 2018. The objective of the online consultations is to seek broader feedback and comments from interested parties, both locally and internationally. Through this process, we seek to hear the opinion of various groups and individuals to help prepare a better informed the CPF in the country’s current context. Additionally, these views would be used as an instrument to measure progress in achieving the WBG’s twin goals.

  • Which are the priority areas for the development of Ecuador until 2023?
  • In which of the prioritized areas could the World Bank Group support the most?
  • Which actions do you believe that the World Bank should develop to support the Government in order to move forward in those prioritized areas?

Please send your comments, questions or suggestions to Cristina Medina, Communications Associate, at the following email address:

Consultation Phase:
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