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Ongoing dialogue between the World Bank Group and stakeholders—government, civil society, media, academia, the private sector and others—is a critical aspect of our work. Tapping into a broad range of perspectives strengthens the outcomes and accountability of our engagement and helps build enduring partnerships. It is through this dialogue that we can help implement more effective solutions to local, regional and global development challenges. This website is a platform to inform and consult with interested and affected parties on select areas of our work, such as new policies or changes to regulations, Country Partnership Strategies, and global thematic studies and programs. Below is a list of consultations currently being held in various countries on different topics. Additional consultations may take place through face-to-face engagements and other digital channels.

Consultations for Solomon Islands Country Partnership Framework (CPF) 2018-2023

The World Bank Group has launched a preparation process for its new partnership framework with Solomon Islands. The process involves consultations with different stakeholders, including the government, civil society academia, donor partners and the private sector, to exchange views on the country’s development opportunities and how the World Bank Group can help address them.

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The World Bank Group is currently refining its new Country Partnership Framework (CPF) for Solomon Islands for July 1 2018 to June 30, 2023. The CPF will guide the Group’s program for the country and gauge its effectiveness in boosting shared prosperity.

The main purpose of the Solomon Islands CPF is to support Solomon islands in enhancing its economic resilience through inclusive growth while considering economic geography and state fragility. The CPF will selectively support Solomon Islands’ Medium-Term Development Plan: 2016-2020 and incorporate key elements of the Systematic Country Diagnostic.


The central government and relevant line ministries were closely consulted with during the drafting of the first version of the CPF and follow up consultations have included bilateral meetings and wider roundtable consultations with civil society organizations and academia, donors, provincial government, ministers, and the private sector. These discussions are an important part of the formulation of the final version of the CPF and the online consultation is the final element of the consultation process.

The objective of the online consultation is to seek broader feedback and comments from all interested parties, locally and internationally, on the presentation of the CPF (attached in the MATERIALS section on the right). We expect to hear views from various groups and individuals to finalize the document and make it more relevant for the country, as well as to use these views as an instrument to measure progress in achieving our objectives in the country.

Some questions to consider in your feedback:

  • Are the CPF objectives adequate?
  • Are the identified risks to the CPF implementation adequate?
  • What role should the World Bank Group play in supporting Solomon Islands’ development?
  • Are the CPF proposed areas of engagement appropriate?
  • What should the WBG do differently?

Please send your comments, questions or suggestions to Alison Ofotalau, Operations Analyst with the World Bank, Solomon Islands at

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