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The 2019 World Development Report (WDR) will look at the changing landscape of work and explore the implications for future labor markets. Increasing automation, the rise of the gig economy, and shifts in global trade and investment, as well as demographic change and urbanization, are all shaping demand and supply for different skillsets. The Report will analyze the impact of these forces, showcase data on returns to experience, and consider how individuals, companies and governments can respond. Consultations will open in February 2018 upon release of the briefing materials. More information will be posted on the Consultation Hub in the coming weeks.

Consultations: We are Planning Our Support for Tunisia and We Need Your Help

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We Need Your Help

Having completed the political transition, Tunisia now faces the challenge of building an economy that provides opportunities for all Tunisians. At the World Bank Group, we want to do everything we can to support this process. The Tunisian government has launched a 5-year development plan, and we have a developed strategy to support that plan.

Our strategy is called a Country Partnership Framework and it will cover the years 2016 to 2020.  

Consultation Phase:
November 02, 2015
We need to hear from you

Please help us with your feedback on the following questions:

  • What role should the World Bank Group play in supporting the government of Tunisia’s development plan?
  • Are the proposed areas of engagement (please see the graph in the "Pillars and Objectives Tab") appropriate?
  • Will they help Tunisia meet it current challenges?
  • What are the key risks and how might we prepare for them?How can we improve the implementation of our program?
  • Are there things the World Bank Group could do differently?

Whether in person or online, we need to hear from YOU. Your insight will help us deliver the right kind of help, to where it is most needed.



Disclaimer: While the World Bank Group encourages stakeholders to submit documents that could enrich the CPF dialogue via e-mail, it reserves the right to only upload relevant documents and emphasizes that publishing does not mean that the World Bank Group endorses the content of the documents.

Consultation Phase:
October 30, 2015 to November 20, 2015
Face to face consultations

One of the important lessons we learned from the Jasmine revolution is to listen more carefully, to a wider range of voices - especially when we are developing new strategies. We are redoubling our efforts to reach out to all members of the communities we intend to support, to give everyone an opportunity to voice their opinions on the new strategy, to let us know what might be missing, and what else we could be doing to help Tunisia achieve its goals.

We are organizing a series of face to face consultations on our new strategy.

Non-Governmental Meetings

City Country Date Meeting Details

Tataouine Tunisia November 20, 2015 Tataouine-Based CSOs
Minutes (FRE)PDF 421.03 KB
Mednine Tunisia November 20, 2015 Mednine-Based CSOs
Minutes (FRE)PDF 421.45 KB
Tunis Tunisia November 19, 2015 Djerba-Based CSOs
Tunis Tunisia November 11, 2015 Tunis-Based CSOs
Minutes (FRE)PDF 210.86 KB
Tunis Tunisia November 04, 2015 Donors
Minutes (FRE)PDF 316.78 KB
Beja Tunisia November 03, 2015 Beja-Based Youth CSOs
Minutes (FRE)PDF 325.24 KB
Zaghouan Tunisia November 02, 2015 Zaghouan-Based Youth CSOs
Minutes (FRE)PDF 323.77 KB
Tunis Tunisia October 30, 2015 United Nations Mission in Tunisia (OHCHR)
Minutes (FRE)PDF 312.40 KB
Government Meetings

City Country Date Meeting Details

Tunis Tunisia November 05, 2015 Minister of Regional Development, Investments, and International Cooperation H.E. Minister Brahim
Minutes (FRE)PDF 339.11 KB
Tunis Tunisia June 03, 2015 Parliamentarians of the Women, Family, Children, Youth and Elderly Commission
Minutes (FRE)PDF 567.52 KB
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