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The 2019 World Development Report (WDR) will look at the changing landscape of work and explore the implications for future labor markets. Increasing automation, the rise of the gig economy, and shifts in global trade and investment, as well as demographic change and urbanization, are all shaping demand and supply for different skillsets. The Report will analyze the impact of these forces, showcase data on returns to experience, and consider how individuals, companies and governments can respond. Consultations will open in February 2018 upon release of the briefing materials. More information will be posted on the Consultation Hub in the coming weeks.

Papua New Guinea Country Partnership Framework 2019-2022

The World Bank Group has started preparations for its new strategy to strengthen its partnership with Papua New Guinea. This process involves two main phases:

  1. the Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD); and
  2. the Country Partnership Framework (CPF).

In June 2017, the World Bank team hosted consultations around the country aimed at identifying the most critical constraints to, and opportunities for, reducing poverty and building shared prosperity sustainably in PNG. From this, the PNG Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) takes into account the views of a broad set of stakeholders, including government counterparts.

The CPF’s main objective is to identify the most important contributions the World Bank Group can make in PNG and are selected to reflect government priorities, the main constraints identified by the SCD, and the World Bank Group’s comparative advantage.

CPF Focus Areas

  • Supporting stable macroeconomic policy management
  • Encouraging private sector growth and job creation particularly in the non-resource sector and increased labor productivity for the self employed
  • Supporting effective service delivery particularly for rural and informal urban areas
  • Managing risks to inclusive growth and poverty reduction (inclusion and resilience)

Presentation: Papua New Guinea Country Partnership Framework

Get involved. Share your views.
We actively welcome views from the public. You can provide your views, ideas and insights through either of the following channels:

  • the online feedback page (see Phase 1 tab, below)
  • via Facebook

Your insights will help us deliver the right kind of support, to where it is most needed.

Online Feedback Consultations
In June 2018, as an important step in developing the PNG Country Partnership Framework (CPF) we will organize a series of consultations with a wide range of stakeholders to identify and prioritize critical areas where the World Bank Group’s support would have the biggest impact and ensure alignment with the PNG government’s development priorities.

Consultation Phase:
Online Feedback

These are some of the questions we will discuss during our public consultations:

  • What role should the World Bank Group play in supporting PNG’s development?
  • Are the proposed CPF objectives adequate?
  • Are the identified risks to the CPF implementation adequate?
  • Are the CPF proposed areas of engagement appropriate?
  • What should the WBG do differently in PNG?

Share your views
The World Bank Group welcomes views from the public, including civil society organizations, and the academic community as input into the CPF, to ensure it provides effective support for Papua New Guinea in achieving its poverty reduction and development goals.

Whether in person or online, we need to hear from you. Your insight will help us deliver the right kind of help, to where it is most needed.


Consultation Phase:
Face-to-face meetings

Consultation meetings are planned in both Port Moresby and in a number of key regional cities, scheduled for the following dates. Visit this page closer to the date for updates on venues/locations:

Port Moresby

  • Meeting with development partners – June 19, 2018
  • Meeting with the government - June 20, 2018
  • Meeting with service delivery partners - June 21, 2018
  • Public consultation with private sector – June 22, 2018


  • East New Britain – June 25, 2018
  • Madang and Lae – June 27, 2018
  • Goroka – June 29, 2018

More information
For more information on the PNG CPF consultations, email

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