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The 2019 World Development Report (WDR) will look at the changing landscape of work and explore the implications for future labor markets. Increasing automation, the rise of the gig economy, and shifts in global trade and investment, as well as demographic change and urbanization, are all shaping demand and supply for different skillsets. The Report will analyze the impact of these forces, showcase data on returns to experience, and consider how individuals, companies and governments can respond. Consultations will open in February 2018 upon release of the briefing materials. More information will be posted on the Consultation Hub in the coming weeks.

Program-for-Results (PforR): Two-Year Review

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Two-Year Review

In January 2012, the World Bank introduced a new lending instrument, Program-for-Results (PforR). PforR supports government programs and links the disbursement of funds directly to the delivery of defined results with a special focus on strengthening institutions. A number of PforR operations have been approved and have begun implementation, and the Bank has just concluded the review of the first two years of implementation.

When PforR was approved, the World Bank's Board of Executive Directors asked the Bank's Management to do an initial review of experience with the new instrument after two years of implementation. The review was completed and discussed by the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors on April 9, 2015. It was concluded that the PforR instrument has been successfully introduced in a range of sectors and countries, and all the policy requirements have been met.

Surveys were conducted with client country counterparts to gauge their knowledge of the instrument. In countries, where there were active PforR operations, we conducted more detailed surveys of PforR partners and stakeholders. Information and dialogue sessions were held during the Annual and Spring meetings with members of government delegations, development partners, and representatives of CSOs. We have also held separate meetings with various stakeholders.

Consultation Phase:
June 09, 2014 (TBC)

The review team conducted in-depth interviews in countries with current PforR operations (please see the schedule of trips below). The interviews built on the feedback received from the surveys.

Vietnam – beginning of June;
Morocco, Tunisia – beginning of June;
India – end of June;
Africa – end of June/beginning of July;
Latin America - mid-August;
Europe – early September.

Consultation meetings to share the main findings of the two-year review and to seek feedback were conducted. Please see the schedule of meetings and feedback summaries below. 

The review was discussed with the Board Committee at the end of October.


City Country Date Meeting Details

Rabat, Tunis Morocco, Tunisia September 10, 2014 PforR Consultations Meeting
SummaryPDF 333.06 KB
Zagreb, Chisinau Croatia, Moldova September 04, 2014 PforR Consultations Meeting
SummaryPDF 376.25 KB
Dhaka, New Delhi, Kathmandu, Hanoi Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Vietnam August 27, 2014 PforR Consultations Meeting - East/South Asia
SummaryPDF 399.99 KB
Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Dar es Saalam, Kampala Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda August 20, 2014 PforR Consultations Meeting - Africa
SummaryPDF 441.27 KB
Fortaleza, Mexico City, Montevideo Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay August 19, 2014 to September 09, 2014 PforR Consultations Meeting - Latin America (Uruguay: Aug. 19 | Brazil: Aug. 28 | Mexico: Sept. 9)
SummaryPDF 348.46 KB
Washington, D.C. United States July 23, 2014 PforR Consultations Meeting
SummaryPDF 212.50 KB
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