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Consultations for Croatia Country Partnership Framework 2019-2023

The World Bank Group has started preparing its new partnership framework with Croatia for the period 2019-2023. The Country Partnership Framework (CPF) outlines areas of strategic assistance to the country, prioritizing and aligning the institution’s support to Croatia’s development agenda.

This process includes countrywide consultations with central and local government representatives, parliamentarians, private sector, civil society and non-governmental organizations, international financial institutions, the diplomatic community and academia. The aim of the consultations is to hear diverse views from stakeholders on Croatia’s economic and social challenges and on ways the World Bank Group can help address them most effectively.


The World Bank Group’s analysis finds that, after a protracted six-year recession, Croatia returned to growth in 2015. However, the country still lags behind the income levels of its peers in the European Union, which is causing public discontent.

Without stepping up its reform agenda, Croatia could experience prolonged economic stagnation, deterioration and a further worsening of social conditions. In addition, the country would be unable to reform the policies and institutions that are needed to support continuous growth of the economy. Reshaping the role of the state in setting the right incentives for enterprises and individuals to prosper needs to be the cornerstone of the country’s reform agenda.

The CPF focuses on specific objectives: where the country’s development needs are greatest, where the government sees a catalytic role for the World Bank Group’s support, and where the World Bank Group itself has distinct value.

Your opinion counts

Consultations include both face-to-face meetings and online consultations with a broad range of stakeholders. The objective of the online consultations, which will be open until November 30, 2018, is to seek broader feedback and comments from all interested parties, locally and internationally, on the overarching objectives of the CPF.

For more information, please consult this presentation on the CPF and the summary of the Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD), which is an assessment of the constraints Croatia needs to address and the opportunities it can embrace to accelerate economic and social progress.

We hope to receive views from various groups and individuals to ensure that the CPF is fully relevant and realistic in addressing Croatia’s development needs. Please send your comments, questions or suggestions to Vanja Frajtic, Communications Associate for Croatia, at the following email address:

We would also appreciate if you could take a couple of minutes and fill out this short survey to help us better prioritize our engagement at the country level:

For regular updates on the process of consultations, please follow our Facebook Page: