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Country Partnership Framework (CPF) of the economic and social situation in Seychelles

The World Bank Group (WBG) is updating its operational strategy—the Country Partnership Framework (CPF)—for its support of Seychelles’ own development priorities. This Framework will determine the direction the World Bank’s medium-term program takes in the Seychelles. The new strategy will be prepared in consultation with members of the Government of Seychelles and non-state actors, such as members of civil society organizations, leaders of public opinion, and members of the media, among others. It will also take into account the findings of a recent WBG study on the Seychelles—the Country Systematic Diagnostic—and, of course, the government’s own priorities.

Despite the challenge of being a relatively small and relatively isolated island nation, Seychelles has achieved a remarkable level of economic development. Gross national income per capita hit US$14,760 in 2015, making it Sub-Saharan Africa’s only High-Income Economy. And it has also performed well by global standards: Of 42 small states with populations of 1.5 million or less, it ranks 12th in per capita income; and of the 26 very small states with populations of 500,000 or less, it ranks 5th, behind only Brunei, Bermuda, Iceland, and Malta.

The country now wants to make sure it can sustain its development progress to date, and accelerate it. It also wants to take on board the high level of public concern—reflected in current political discourse—over disparities in income and in opportunities.

This online consultation is open to the public until January 2018. We welcome your input on these issues.