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Guinea: Public Consultations to Inform the World Bank Systematic Country Diagnostic of the Economic and Social Situation

Launch of public consultations on the Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD)

To inform the SCD, the World Bank Group has started public consultations to identify and analyze the most binding constraints and the main opportunities that Guinea needs to address to achieve the twin goals of extreme poverty reduction and shared prosperity. The consultations started on April 4, 2017 with a workshop with the government, and will continue until April 30, 2017.

CALL FOR PAPERS: The Centre for Advanced Financial Research and Learning (CAFRAL) and the World Bank invite papers for the 5th South Asia Economic Policy Network conference on “State Intervention in the Financial Sector”

Please submit unpublished papers related to the theme above. Some suggested topics for the conference are:

  • What is the rationale and impact of state intervention in the financial sector in South Asia? Are state ownership of banks and other direct approaches appropriate and successful? Do state-owned banks deploy the best instruments and governance structures?
  • The financial systems in Pakistan and India differ in terms of state ownership of banks, but both channel substantial shares of lending to finance the government. Is there any effect of less state-ownership on lending to private borrowers and financial stability?
  • How do publicly- and privately-owned commercial banks differ in terms of assets, liabilities, and efficiency? How do state-owned banks differ from other state-owned enterprises?
  • How are financial sector reforms and macroeconomic developments related in South Asia?
  • What is the role for state owned firms in insurance and asset management markets?
  • Is market efficiency impacted by state involvement in financial firms via insurance and asset management firms?
  • Does the presence of a large state-owned banking and insurance sector impact the development of local corporate bond markets? Does it impact entrepreneurship?

While extended abstracts will be accepted, the submission of full papers is strongly encouraged.

Round-trip airfare and accommodation for up to three nights will be fully covered for presenters from South Asia. Limited funding will be available for speakers from other regions.

For participants unable to attend in person, video conferencing will be made available.

The conference will feature academic sessions, as well as special lectures, and a policy panel.