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Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) of the economic and social situation in Comoros

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We need to hear your opinion on your country’s future.

New poverty analyses based on the 2013-2014 household survey show that 42.4% of the population is living below the poverty line and 17.8% of Comorians live on less than $1.90 per person per day (Exchange rate: purchasing power parity (2011)). Despite significant progress with poverty reduction and economic recovery, a fairly sizable percentage of Comorians continue to endure extremely harsh living conditions and lack many necessities.

  • In your opinion, what is preventing the country from achieving more rapid progress in its poverty reduction efforts? What are the most binding constraints facing Comoros?
  • If you could select the main opportunities that your country needs to address to achieve poverty reduction and shared prosperity, which would you choose?
  • And, what in your view are the main elements that affect economic growth, social inclusion and sustainable development?

The World Bank Group would like to hear your views on all these questions to help inform its new strategy to strengthen its partnership with Comoros.

Why does your opinion matter?

The World Bank’s strategy to strengthen its partnership with Comoros consists of two main phases: (i) the Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD), which aims to identify the country’s main development constraints and priorities; and (ii) the Country Partnership Framework, which determines the priorities for the World Bank Group’s engagement with Comoros.

To inform the SCD, a World Bank team recently launched public consultations in the field and online to obtain the opinions of stakeholders (representatives from the public and private sectors and civil society) and pinpoint the main obstacles to be overcome and the development opportunities that Comoros needs to address to step up efforts to reduce extreme poverty and promote more inclusive growth. Apart from the Government, a series of meetings are also planned with other stakeholders including elected representatives, civil society, the private sector, development partners, the Central Bank of Comoros, the Université des Comores, and the Agence nationale de conception et d'exécution des projets (National project design and execution agency ANACEP).

These consultations were launched on September 18, 2017 and will continue until September 22, 2017.

Online consultations are also being organized until October 30, 2017 to allow the widest possible participation.

Why is it important to share your views? 

Once the SCD has been finalized, it will be used to prepare the Country Partnership Framework, which determines the priorities for the World Bank Group’s engagement with Comoros.

Make a difference in your country’s future by sharing with us your views on the questions listed above.

Please send your comments or suggestions by email to Diana Styvanley:

The World Bank