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World Bank Group Country Partnership Framework for Mexico 2020-2025

****The Mexico CPF has been completed and is available here.

The online consultation on this site was held in September/October 2019 and is now closed. The consultation asked participants to identify the country’s key development challenges  -  key stakeholders included local and national public authorities, private sector actors, local and national civil society organizations, opinion leaders, and representatives of academic institutions and high-level interdisciplinary research entities. These discussions were critical to validating the Systematic Country Diagnostic and to receiving feedback on emerging priorities. A significant portion of the top priorities emerging from the consultations are reflected in the CPF.

The World Bank Group (WBG) is currently preparing the new Country Partnership Framework (CPF) with Mexico that will define the program and strategy to support the country's development priorities for the next six years (2020-2025).

Based on the Systematic Country Diagnosis (SCD), the CPF proposes a flexible program of activities around strategic objectives to support government development efforts, each one aimed at improving institutions, fostering inclusion and reducing inequalities.


With the objective of having the new CPF benefit from a wide variety of opinions, the process includes consultations with different stakeholders from the public and private sectors, academia, international organizations and civil society to exchange views on opportunities for the development of Mexico and on the strategic direction of the WBG to support the country. These consultations will be held in September and October 2019 in a series of meetings with key stakeholders in Mexico City and Oaxaca.

Your opinion is important for the WBG, so we invite you to help us identify the priority strategic development goals for the country by sending us your comments to