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Country Partnership Framework in Thailand

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Thailand-World Bank Group Public Engagements

As an important step in developing the Thailand-World Bank Group Country Partnership Framework (CPF), 11 rounds of public engagement meetings with diverse stakeholder groups will be organized aiming at gathering views, recommendations and priorities to feed into the strategy of support for Thailand’s long-term development.

Consultation Phase:
March 23, 2017
    March 23, 2017 to June 14, 2017
Meeting Summary - Civil Society (Bangkok) (PDF 313.07 KB)

The Engagement Process

The engagement process includes face-to-face meetings to enable participation by a wide range of stakeholders across Thailand.

The engagement web page includes background materials that interested stakeholders can use to provide their input. In particular, the Thailand Systematic Country Diagnostic “Getting Back on Track: Reviving Growth and Securing Prosperity for All” report provides an assessment of how Thailand can restart its economic engine in ways that benefit all people in the country and help protect the environment. These materials are available in Thai and English.

Stakeholders can send their feedback and input by e-mail to the World Bank office in Bangkok,, or through the World Bank Thailand Facebook page.

City Country Date Meeting Details

Chiang Mai Thailand June 14, 2017 Meeting with local government (morning) and civil society, private sector, academia (afternoon)
Bangkok Thailand June 07, 2017 Meeting with 20th National Strategy Committee (morning) and private sector (afternoon)
Bangkok Thailand May 31, 2017 Meeting with development partners
Khon Kaen Thailand May 24, 2017 Meeting with local government (morning) and civil society, private sector, academia (afternoon)
Songkhla Thailand May 18, 2017 Meeting with civil society, private sector, academia (morning) and local government (afternoon)
Bangkok Thailand May 02, 2017 Meeting with civil society, academia
Pattaya Thailand March 23, 2017 to March 24, 2017 Meeting with ministries and government agencies
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