Country Partnership Framework in the Philippines

The Country Partnership Framework (CPF) guides the World Bank Group’s focus and priorities for engagement in the Philippines, including lending and non-lending programs and services.  The WBG is currently developing a new CPF for the Philippines for the 2020-2024 period.  As an input to the new CPF, the Bank solicits the views of a wide range of stakeholders through a series of consultations. Early CPF consultations from May to August 2019 will seek views on potential priority areas for World Bank engagement. Feedback from the meetings will inform the elaboration and drafting of the draft CPF document, which will be made available for public comment.

    Face-to-face Meetings
    Consultation Phase
    05/24/2019 - 06/13/2019

    The Engagement Process

    The CPF consultation process will include both face-to-face meetings as well as use of an online/social media platform to enable participation by a wide range of people. Stakeholders can also send feedback and input by email to the World Bank office in Manila, [email protected] or through the World Bank East Asia and Pacific Twitter account (use hashtags #Philippines and #KayaYanBayan).

    Completed Meetings

    Date Title Location

    #KayaYanBayan Feedback Wall

    Quezon City, Manila, Los Baños, and Puerto Prinsesa, Philippines

    Multi-stakeholder Meeting

    Naga City, Philippines

    Multi-stakeholder Meeting

    Davao City, Philippines

    Multi-stakeholder Meeting

    Cebu City, Philippines

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