Public-Private Partnerships Reference Guide


The Public-Private Partnerships Reference Guide is currently open for public consultation to inform a new and updated version. Thank you in advance for sharing your feedback.

The Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) team in the Sustainable Development Group at the World Bank Group is working with other multilateral development organizations on updating the PPP Reference Guide, which is expected to be released in Spring 2017. The PPP Reference Guide aims to identify the key issues that must be addressed when working on PPPs, and provide the most relevant and recent references that PPP practitioners can turn to for answers. It is a tool to enhance understanding of PPPs. In addition to updating its current content, the new version will also feature several new topics, including:

• Stakeholder Engagement
• Environmental and Social Studies
• Climate Change
• Islamic Finance and PPPs
• Municipal and other Sub-national PPPs
• PPPs and the Sustainable Development Goals
• PPPs in Fragile and Conflict States

We are seeking your feedback on the content of the PPP Reference Guide’s current version.
We would appreciate your detailed input and feedback, especially on the new section relating to “Stakeholder Engagement.”

While all feedback received will be reviewed and documented, comments and recommendations may not necessarily be incorporated into the final version. A comprehensive table will be released at the end of the project, where all comments and recommendations will be disclosed.

If you and or your organization are interested in collaborating with the team to expand on the PPP Reference Guide, please submit your comments and feedback on the Consultations Hub by November 10, 2016.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Consultation Phase

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