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World Bank Group's Systematic Country Diagnostic - Online Consultations

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World Bank Group's Systematic Country Diagnostic - Online Consultations

The World Bank Group’s Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) provides an analytical underpinning to the World Bank Group’s engagement in each of its partner countries. Through this consultation, we are soliciting online comments from all interested stakeholders on the SCD process, particularly in countries that have already completed an SCD.

Summary of Responses

Introduced in July 2014, the SCD looks at a range of issues in a particular country, and seeks to identify barriers to and/or opportunities for sustainable poverty reduction and shared prosperity.

With this consultation, we aim to receive feedback from a variety of stakeholders to improve and streamline the SCD process. We would like to hear your response in the following areas:

  • Whether the principles and issues covered in the SCD are sufficient to capture countries’ progress on sustainable poverty reduction and shared prosperity
  • If the SCD process allows for sufficient engagement with in-country stakeholders
  • The ideal areas of focus of the SCD consultation
  • Other recommendations that would make the SCD process more useful

You can also take a look at this powerpoint presentation that looks in depth at the SCD and can help inform you as you provide responses to the survey.

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The consultation is open between March 15, 2016 and April 30, 2016. Click here to see the summary of responses.

If you have any questions about the consultations, please send an email to

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