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Fiji Country Partnership Framework 2020-2024

Work is now underway on a new country strategy for the World Bank Group to strengthen its partnership with Fiji. 

The World Bank Group welcomes views from all Fijian citizens, as well as civil society organizations, development partners, the academic community and the private sector on its planned Country Partnership Framework for Fiji.

The Country Partnership Framework will be the key work plan between the Fijian Government and the World Bank covering the next four years. It will be the first time the World Bank Group has a dedicated plan of this kind for Fiji.


The process of developing an agreed Country Partnership Framework involves two main phases:

1. Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD);
In 2017, the World Bank Group team worked in consultation with key Fijian Government ministries, the private sector and representatives from civil society to help identify the most critical constraints to, and opportunities for, reducing poverty and building shared prosperity sustainably in Fiji.

From these consultations, a Fiji Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) was produced that reflected the views of a broad set of stakeholders, including government counterparts, on Fiji’s development challenges.

2. Country Partnership Framework (CPF)
Following the completion of the SCD, work has begun on a Country Partnership Framework (CPF), with the main objective of identifying the key ‘Focus Areas’ where the World Bank Group can make the most effective contribution to Fiji’s development efforts. These Focus Areas are identified by examining government priorities, the main constraints identified by the SCD, and the World Bank Group’s comparative advantages.

Consultations: your input matters

From July – September 2019, as an important step in developing the Fiji Country Partnership Framework (CPF), the World Bank Group will hold meetings with diverse stakeholder groups with the aim of gathering a range of views, recommendations and recommendations to feed into the Country Partnership Framework. This feedback will help to ensure the World Bank Group provides the most effective support for Fiji in the years ahead. 

In addition to face-to-face consultation, questions and comments will be able to be submitted through this website, and through the World Bank Pacific Facebook page.

Whether in person or online, we want to hear from you. Your insights will help us deliver the right kind of help in Fiji, to where the World Bank Group’s support can be most effective.

To submit your feedback or for more information email or by phone: +679 322-8900.

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