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Lebanon: Support to Reaching All Children with Education (RACE) II Program's Consultations

Lebanon's Ministry of Education and Higher Education is holding public consultations on the Lebanon Reaching All Children and Education (RACE) II Program from May 15 to July15, 2016 with support from the World Bank.

The Government of Lebanon, with support from the international community, has launched the Reaching all Children with Education (RACE) initiative. First launched in 2013, RACE seeks to improve access to formal education for 460,000 Syrian refugee children and underprivileged Lebanese children in the country.

Over the next phase of support (‘RACE 2’, 2016-2021), the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) and partners have agreed to prioritize scaling up equitable access to educational opportunities in the formal public system, improve the quality and inclusiveness of the teaching and learning environment, and strengthen the national education system, policies, and monitoring, by redoubling its efforts and providing additional financial support. 

It is expected that efforts under the RACE2 initiative will therefore significantly contribute to minimizing the short and medium-term costs of displacement for refugee families, while strengthening the long-term capacity of the Lebanese education system to prepare children for life and work once regional stability returns.

The proposed Lebanon RACE II Program, which is under preparation, will support the RACE 2 program to provide quality education services to Lebanese and refugee children. This will be achieved by expanding equitable access to schooling, improving conditions for learning, and strengthening management of the education system.