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The 2019 World Development Report (WDR) will look at the changing landscape of work and explore the implications for future labor markets. Increasing automation, the rise of the gig economy, and shifts in global trade and investment, as well as demographic change and urbanization, are all shaping demand and supply for different skillsets. The Report will analyze the impact of these forces, showcase data on returns to experience, and consider how individuals, companies and governments can respond. Consultations will open in February 2018 upon release of the briefing materials. More information will be posted on the Consultation Hub in the coming weeks.

Tajikistan Systematic Country Diagnostic

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We'd Like to Hear Your Views!

This online consultation seeks your feedback on the initial findings of the Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) for Tajikistan. The World Bank Group welcomes views from civil society organizations, the academic community, think tanks, individual experts and citizens to finalize the Diagnostic report and make it relevant for the country in achieving its poverty reduction and development goals.

PRESENTATION: Tajikistan SCD Consultation: English | Russian | Tajik (PDF)

Overview in Russian | Tajik (PDF)

About the Systematic Country Diagnostic

The Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) is an assessment of the constraints a country faces and the opportunities it can embrace to accelerate progress in reducing poverty and achieving higher living standards for its people. The SCD draws upon all available information, including findings of World Bank Group analytical work, as well as research by other international and domestic partners, and incorporates feedback received during online and face to face consultations.

The purpose of the SCD is to inform the Country Partnership Framework (CPF), which is a strategic document that sets priority areas for World Bank Group support in a country. The new CPF for Tajikistan will be prepared in 2018/2019 to guide the World Bank Group's work in the country over the coming four years (2019-2022).

Who will be engaged?

Consultations to solicit feedback to the SCD will take place throughout Tajikistan during the months of March-June 2017. The SCD team will meet with a wide range of stakeholders, including government counterparts (national, regional, and local), development partners, private sector representatives, civil society, youth and academia. In addition to face-to-face consultation, online platforms will allow people to submit questions and comments.

Online Consultations

The objective of these online consultations is to seek broader feedback and comments from all interested parties, locally and internationally, on the initial findings of the Systematic Country Diagnostic for Tajikistan, which is available in the power point below.  The World Bank Group looks forward to receiving views from civil society organizations, academic community, think tanks, individual experts and other stakeholders to finalize the document and make it a relevant diagnostic for the country.

The online consultation period is open from Thursday, March 16, 2017 to Wednesday April 12, 2017.

Please send your comments, questions or suggestions in English, Tajik or Russian to by April 12, 2017.

If you have any questions on the process of the consultations, please email to Nigina Alieva, Communications Officer,

General information on the World Bank Group’s work in Tajikistan is available here:

Consultation Phase:
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