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Consultation Plan for World Bank Cambodia Country Partnership Framework 2025–29

Every five years, Cambodia and the World Bank design a lending and advisory program for the next five-year period, known as the Country Partnership Framework (CPF). 

The CPF and the documents it is based on are formulated through a consultation process with a wide range of stakeholders in country. These stakeholders include:

  • Government agencies from across the country
  • Academia and think tanks
  • Development partners
  • Civil society
  • Private sector
  • Citizens

The objective of these consultations is to seek views on the key development challenges facing Cambodia, and the areas where the World Bank should concentrate its support so that it has the greatest possible impact in promoting inclusion, reducing poverty, and sharing prosperity on a livable planet.

Meeting Structure

The consultation meetings with each stakeholder group will be structured as combined plenary presentations followed by discussions, plus small focus group break-out discussions where practical. These meetings will be scheduled to run for 1.5-2 hours each. 

For the consultation with NGOs and civil society, youth groups, thinks tanks and research agencies, wider networks will be asked to identify participants from the provinces and Phnom Penh-based NGO/CSO. The networks currently listed are the Cooperation Committee of Cambodia, the NGO Forum, the Khmer Youth Association, and Star Kampuchea.

For the subnational government session, three participants will be invited from each province to cover the legislative and executive branches plus women’s representation: an official for women’s affairs in the social sector (education, health, nutrition, etc.); a governor (executive); and a provincial council chair (legislative).

Consultations with government, CSOs/NGOs/think-tanks and the private sector will be conducted in English with simultaneous interpretation in Khmer. The sessions with sub-national government officials will be conducted in Khmer with simultaneous interpretation in English.  Consultations with development partners will be in English only.


Invitations and meeting materials in English and Khmer will be issued to invitees around ten days before the scheduled meetings. General background materials will be available on this consultation webpage.  

Web-Based Consultation Platform 

This web-based consultation platform is available in both English and Khmer, seeking feedback from interested stakeholders. Respondents can complete and submit this survey online here in English and here in Khmer

Interested parties can also send comments to the World Bank Office in Phnom Penh by fax, mail or email. This webpage is open for feedback from December 5 throughout the consultation process until January 5 to allow for additional inputs from those wishing to offer extra comments. 

Within a month of the final consultation meeting, a summary note on the consultations will be shared online in English and Khmer. The summary will include a matrix of comments noting feedback/input that has been incorporated into the draft CPF. In cases where feedback/input cannot be incorporated, an explanation will be provided. This summary matrix will be posted on the consultation website. 

Written input/feedback may be provided to Sarouen Bou (CPF Consultations), by email — — or by mail to: The World Bank Office, Exchange Square Building, 10th Floor, No. 19-20, Street 106, Sangkat Wat Phnom, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.