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Consultations on the World Bank Group Gender Strategy 2024-2030: Accelerate Gender Equality To End Poverty On a Livable Planet

The World Bank Group (WBG) Gender Strategy (2024-30) ‘Accelerate Gender Equality To End Poverty On A Livable Planet’ underwent extensive consultations. The WBG held face-to-face, on-demand consultations in 28 countries and engaged with representatives of over 600 entities from more than 110 countries, including civil society organizations (CSOs), government representatives, parliamentarians, academia, private sector, feminist organizations, indigenous groups, donors/ philanthropies, UN agencies, multilateral development banks, and other development partners. The feedback has informed and enriched the final Gender Strategy.

The consultation process heard from thousands of people through in-person meetings, virtual dialogues, an online survey, written inputs, and engagement in global forums with a wide range of stakeholders.

Thank you to those who shared their expertise and experience.

The Gender Strategy 2024-30 puts forward the bold ambition to accelerate gender equality for a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive future in alignment with the  World Bank Group Evolution Roadmap. The Strategy responds to the global urgency, fundamentality, and complexity of achieving gender equality. 

The Gender Strategy 2024-30 emphasizes innovation, financing, and collective action to end gender-based violence, elevate human capital, expand and enable economic opportunities, and engage women as leaders. 

Building on the implementation of the Gender Strategy 2016-23, the new Strategy proposes to engage with greater ambition and differently – approaching gender equality for all as essential for peaceful, prosperous and livable world.