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Consultations on the World Bank's Evolution Process

The World Bank Group consulted on the Evolution Process with various stakeholders globally from March 31, 2023 to July 31, 2023. The Development Committee paper, which was released at the Spring Meetings, provided the basis for the consultations. To see the consultations outreach plan, click here.

The consultation process received critical feedback from stakeholders through a combination of face-to face and virtual meetings held in Washington, D.C. and all seven regions the World Bank works in, and this multilingual online platform. Online inputs were solicited from diverse group of stakeholders, including civil society, academia, foundations, think tanks, private sector, and other development partners.

The feedback received during the consultations informed the latest Development Committee paper, which was released for discussion at the World Bank Annual Meetings in October 2023 in Marrakech. The paper was endorsed by the Development Committee.

There is broad recognition that the world must do more to address the crises facing development. The devastating impacts of climate change, fragility, debt, pandemics, and other threats to our natural world require a significant shift in the global response. The World Bank is central to these efforts, and our shareholders, clients, and partners, want us to be able to do more for global public goods.

The World Bank is undergoing an evolution process centered around the need to become a “better and bigger bank” that is fit-for-purpose to respond to the most pressing needs of people and the planet. The Bank is developing a new playbook that emphasizes delivering impact at scale for client countries, allowing the World Bank to work more efficiently and effectively.