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Public Consultations in Myanmar on the Systematic Country Diagnostic and the Country Partnership Framework

The World Bank has completed two series of consultations with multiple stakeholders to help identify opportunities, constraints, challenges, risks and priorities to ending poverty and promoting shared prosperity. The results of these meetings provided critical inputs to a Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) for Myanmar. The SCD formed an input towards the preparation of a Country Partnership Framework (CPF).

Between February and June 2014, the World Bank Group conducted extensive consultations with multiple stakeholders across Myanmar aimed at identifying priorities for the World Bank Group in supporting the country to reduce poverty and boost shared prosperity. To this end, 16 consultation events were held in six locations in Myanmar, as well as two events in Thailand (Chiang Mai and Mae Sot) and one in Washington DC, bringing together 601 participants from 380 organizations.

Aside from face-to-face consultations, the public is also encouraged to send feedback by email or through the World Bank Myanmar Facebook page.